GH (Growth Hormone) Support for Men in Fort Lauderdale

The BEST Program provides growth hormone (gh) support for men in Fort Lauderdale. Produced naturally from the pituitary gland, Growth Hormone is responsible for the growth of lean muscle and bone mass in every mammal. The more Growth Hormone present in a person's body, the more IGF-1 there will be in their body.

IGF-1 is responsible for repairing damaged cells as well as producing new ones. As we age, our pituitary glands produce less and less of this healing hormone, which means that our bodies become less able to repair damaged cells, resulting in, of course, the physical and mental aging process. Scroll down to read more...

Growth hormone levels decrease naturally as we grow older. In fact, growth hormone levels in individuals 60 or older are only about half of that in young adults. Reduced levels of growth hormone associated with aging contribute to age-related decreases in muscle mass, strength, and lipolysis.

Below are some of the effects of Growth Hormone decline:

Body fat increases by 7% - 25% while lean body mass decreases similarly. Muscle strength and muscle mass are noticeably reduced while long bone density and spinal bone density decrease.

Weight gain of 30-50 pounds can occur. Furthermore, there are negative effects on cholesterol; triglyceride levels increase while high density cholesterol (HDL), 'good cholesterol', decreases.

The risk of cardiovascular disease increases due to vascular wall thickening and changes associated with decreased cardiac output. Less energy, anxiety, social isolation, depression and lack of concentration.

Below are some benefits of using GH Support:

  • greater cardiac output
  • enhanced memory
  • enhanced libido
  • better sleep
  • burning of fat
  • improved profile of cholesterol
  • sharper vision
  • stronger bones and muscles
  • enhanced immune system
  • re-growth of hair
  • more agile and thicker skin
  • better disease resistance
  • increased positive mood
  • rapid wound healing
  • lowered blood pressure
  • restoration of the essential organs of the body like kidney, heart, and liver
  • increased lipolysis
  • improved fluid balance

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