Immunity Boost Infusions

Immunity Boost InfusionsEveryone's immune system is a complex array of cells which keep us from being overwhelmed by organisms which we are exposed to constantly. Your immune system is vital and without it we are in trouble.  To keep our immune cells operating at their peak  they require various cofactors and supplements.  We know that today the nutrients which we ingest from our processed foods are deficient.  Researchers even now report that an apple grown today is deplete in nutrients by 40% or more as compared to even 20 years ago!  The cells that you and I count on to do the work to prevent infection need optimal nutrition.  Oral supplements help but even these are sometimes woefully inadequate.  To saturate your body's cells with vital nutrients we have put together a powerhouse combination of immune assisting nutrients -- we give these nutrients in an intravenous fashion or in other words -- via direct IV.  So we bypass your digestive tract and give these immune- stimulating factors into your system directly.  This doesn't replace medication for specific infections but it does improve your immune systems ability to operate in an optimal fashion.  We see amazing effects from large doses of multi vitamins and minerals along with potent antioxidants and amino acids.  All are combined to directly supercharge the cells that keep us healthy.  Several years ago the Nobel Prize in Medicine was given to Linus Pauling for his important research in a vital immune boosting  vitamin -- Vitamin C.  Now with IV's we can deliver very high doses of this vitamin directly to your immune cells to improve their function, to limit free radicals and to help detoxify your system.

Patients wishing to maintain their immune status should opt for IV's for their health.  But -- more importantly patients with existing weak immune sytems really need these nutrients.  Anyone with chronic (or acute) infections can benefit from this IV approach.   I have seen great immediate benefits for all types of patients with even minor immune compromise and greater benefits to patients with very severe immune deficiency like with HIV illness and chronic hepatitis (just to mention a few).  Most physicians are quick to write a prescription for antivirals or antibiotics but what about the BASIC intervention simply called nutrition?  We also offer specific testing for evaluation of micronutrient deficiencies.  This simple lab test will help us identify your specific nutritional needs so we can tailor replacement in an individualized manor.

So whether you opt for nutrient testing or simply start with weekly IV treatments -- give your immune system a better chance to perform utilizing our special IV treatments.

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