Microneedling Facial Fort Lauderdale

At The BEST Program we offer our Glow Facial, also known as a Microneedling Facial, to our clients in and around Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In comparison to other popular facials, our Glow Facial has been extremely popular among our clients due to it being convenient, minimally invasive and producing great results.

Benefits of a Microneedling Facial

For those interested in getting a Glow Facial / Microneedling Facial, looking over the benefits can be helpful in deciding if this facial is right for you. Although results may vary from person-to-person, some of the main benefits of having a Microneedling Facial are that this type of facial can be effective in treating minor scarring, which can be the result of aging, acne or cuts/wounds. In addition, Microneedling Facials have been known to brighten and firm the skin on your face, adding to this facials anti-aging benefits.

Glow Facial / Microneedling Facial Procedure

The Microneedling Facial procedure in minimally invasive and can be accomplished in under 2 hours (including prep time). To start this procedure, blood is drawn from the patient so that we are able to access the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Afterwards, we are able to topically apply PRP as we use our micro-needling device to help open the micro-channels of the skin allowing the PRP to penetrate and begin building collagen.

Microneedling Facial in Fort Lauderdale

If you are interested in our Microneedling Facial in Fort Lauderdale and would like to schedule an appointment, or if you would like to ask some questions, we are here to assist you. We welcome you to give us a call anytime at 866-987-2378 and one of our trained specialists will be able to answer any of your questions.


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