Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift

At The BEST Program we offer a wide variety of therapies and treatments to help you look and feel young again! One of the more popular anti-aging treatments we offer is the Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift, also known as the PRP Facelift. A Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift is a popular, noninvasive cosmetic procedure that helps diminish wrinkles and results in both smoother skin and the increase in an overall glowing complexion.

Benefits of a Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift

Being one of the more popular facelifts, the Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift has a lot of benefits. First off, this procedure is noninvasive and can be done within 1 to 2 hours, including prep time. In addition, the Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift uses your body's own healing factors and no foreign substances are injected into your face. The result? Most patients notice immediate smoothing of their face. From there, patients will experience improved skin texture, diminished wrinkles and a glowing complexion over the next 2 to 3 weeks. Our Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift can benefit those wanting to reduce wrinkles, brighten dull skin, diminish acne scarring and other forms of scars and plump the skin on their face.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift Procedure

For most patients coming in for a Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift, the entire procedure should last between 1 and 2 hours. The procedure starts by having the patients skin cleaned and having a topical numbing cream applied. From there, a small amount of the patient's blood will be drawn and then spun in a centrifuge, allowing the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to be separated from the rest of the blood. From there, the PRP will be injected into the patient's face using a small needle.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift in Fort Lauderdale

If you are interested in our Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift and would like to set an appointment, we welcome you to call us at 866-987-2378 and one of our specialists will be able to assist you.


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