PRP Hair Treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL

Dealing with the psychological and emotional burden of hair loss alone can be enough of a reason to seek treatment. Aside from a change to your appearance, hair loss can lead to many secondary issues including a decrease in one's self confidence. The emotional toll of hair loss can become even more overwhelming if it occurs earlier in your life. It is important for those suffering from hair loss to know that they are not alone. Per a recent study, over 35 million men and 21 million women in the United States suffer from some form of hair loss. To add to this, 40% of US men start experiencing hair loss by the age of 35 and, for US women, according to a survey by the  International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 40% of them will suffer from some form of hair loss by age 40. Although the statistics on hair loss may make you feel less alone, the truth is no matter how common hair loss is, you probably are looking for options to stop it. The BEST Program understands this and in fact offers a form of hair treatment designed to not only stop the hair loss but also to reverse it. The treatment, known as PRP Hair Treatment, has a lot of natural benefits that the traditional invasive surgeries and transplants can't match.

Benefits of PRP Hair Treatment

Unlike the traditional hair treatment surgeries, PRP Hair Treatment uses your body's own Platelet-Rich Plasma to help stop and reverse your hair loss. By going this route, patients will be able to enjoy a lower cost of treatment (compared to traditional surgeries), natural and minimally invasive treatment that encourages your scalp to stop the hair loss/thinning and for it to begin growing back your natural, beautiful hair.

PRP Hair Treatment Procedure

Patients interested in hair treatment at The BEST Program will be happy to learn that our PRP Hair Treatment, although very affective, is minimally invasive and can be complete over 4 to 6 appointments, all being done a few months apart. In addition, each treatment is relatively straightforward and does not take a toll on the patient the same way a traditional hair transplant surgery would. Below are the steps of our PRP Hair Treatment procedure:
  1. The first step of our PRP Hair Treatment is drawing of the patient's blood. We do this as we will later extract the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) from the patient's own blood to use in the hair treatment procedure. For drawing of the blood, this will usually be taken from the patient's arm.
  2. Following the blood draw, we will extract the Platelet-Rich Plasma from the patient's blood by using a centrifuge. By going this route, we are able to isolate the PRP from the red and white blood cells.
  3. After extracting the Platelet-Rich Plasma from the patient's blood, the final step will be to use this PRP on the patient's scalp to help stimulate hair growth. This is done by using a micro-needling to gently inject the PRP directly in the areas of the patient's scalp in need of treatment.
After the procedure is complete, the patient will be able to go home and wait 2 to 3 weeks before their next treatment. As mentioned, a typical PRP Hair Treatment may include 4 to 6 appointments but it really depends on each patient's specific needs.

PRP Hair Treatment in Fort Lauderdale FL

If you are interested in our PRP Hair Treatment and would like to schedule an appointment at our Fort Lauderdale, Florida clinic, we welcome you to give us a call at 866-987-2378. One of our specialists will be happy to assist you and answer any question you might have.  


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