Stem Cell Therapy Fort Lauderdale

At The BEST Program we offer a wide range of anti-aging therapies and treatments to help you look and feel younger. One of our more popular therapies is Stem Cell Therapy, which we offer out of our Fort Lauderdale, Florida location.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Before asking what is Stem Cell Therapy, it is important to understand what are stem cells. Stem cells are special cells that are capable of self renewal (creating clones of other cells) and are also capable of creative a different type of cell, known as asymmetric division. Now t hat we know what stem cells are, what is Stem Cell Therapy? Stem Cell Therapy is therapy using stem cells to create clones of our cells or creative different types of cells in an effort to repair and regenerate your body's system, healing you of a variety of alignments.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy has a wide range of benefits and can be a recommended treatment option for a variety of health issues. Some of the more common benefits of Stem Cell Therapy can include:
  • Stem Cell Therapy can be used in a variety of disease treatment, including cardiovascular diseases.
  • Healing of incisions and wounds.
  • Can help treat autoimmune diseases.
  • Can help in the treatment of orthopedic conditions.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Right for Me?

It is no question that Stem Cell Therapy carries over a lot of health benefits but is this form of therapy right for you? That will all depend on your specific health needs and recommendations from your doctor. At The BEST Program we assist many patients by providing Stem Cell Therapy. To get started, we have all of our patients go through an initial consultation where they can speak with one of our doctors about their issue and then we can better determine if this form of treatment would work for you. To get started, we recommend all prospective patients to give us a call at 866-987-2378 to schedule an initial consultation. From there, we can also answer any questions you might have as it relates to Stem Cell Therapy and also our other treatment options.


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