HRT and Testosterone Therapy Lab Testing Services

Comprehensive lab testing is an important first step in determining your current hormone levels and your need for replacement.

We provide lab testing in our clinic and usually are able to review labs with you within a week.

Labs will provide values which are normal for your age - however anti-aging medicine looks at your labs differently. We want your lab levels in the optimal range - say the levels that a healthy 25 year old would have.

Special labs also can be ordered according to your special medical issues. Common additional labs reflect your nutritional status or inflammatory markers or other disease risk factors so we can better advise you for disease prevention.

Saliva/Urine Testing For Hormone Levels

We offer special urine and saliva testing when indicated. Following certain hormone replacement programs is best done with saliva testing.

Cortisol which is a major hormone for health maintenance is always best measured as a daily saliva test where samples are given 4 times throughout the day. This is check diurnal variations which often give clues to fatigue.

Other tests using spot urines are best. One example is a simple first morning urine which can be done every 3-6 months to detect your progress in NOT destroying bone - otherwise known as osteoporosis. This test is by far a better physiologic test for lack of bone for ongoing monitoring as opposed to the routine bone scan.

We will always offer the special testing we feel is better to monitor your optimal health and minimize your risk for disease.

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